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Fallen Officers

We understand the tragedy and heartbreak that sometimes goes along with being a Sheepdog. We are here to protect, but are not always protected. When one falls, the rest of us rise in their honor.

Here at Sheepdog Threads, we want to do what we can to support the families and loved ones left behind when an officer is killed in the line of duty. We take the stress and complication out of setting up a fundraiser with a memorial item by taking care of it for you. Every officer that was put to rest from now forward will have a personalized tee with their name and EOW available here within 48 hours. 100% of the profits from our personalized "Rest Will Rise" tees goes directly to the account designated by the family and department.

Together, we can give back to those that gave their lives for us. Together, we will rise.

March 2018

Special Agent Melissa S. Morrow

Police Officer Andres Laza-Caraballo

Deputy Sheriff Ryan Zirkle

Police Officer Scotty Hamilton

Reserve Officer Christopher Michael Lawton

Deputy Sheriff David Lee'Sean Manning

Police Officer Greggory Casillas

Police Officer Christopher Ryan Morton

Police Officer Rodney Scott Smith

Deputy Sheriff Jacob M. Pickett

Deputy Sheriff Alexis "Thunder" Eagle Locklear